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Welcome to The Dummy's Dummy wiki, a place of all things in the popular horror webcomic, The Dummy's Dummy created by mochamura. This fan run website is for all fans and readers, and all users are welcome to edit, create and contribute to the wiki that is relevant to this webcomic series.

REMINDER: The Dummy's Dummy Wiki is a place that's meant for referencing events and characters in the comic. Therefore, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! Unless you have seen all of the current pages of the comic, it is strongly advised that you do not continue.


This wiki is currently being updated to compliment new information.

Please consider helping out if you're apart of this community in any way! This wiki is under heavy working progress.

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    This wiki was created to gather canonical and non-canonical information/trivia about the series, characters and creators. Feel free to add any info about The Dummy's Dummy as long as you are logged in, and have clear and reliable sources.
    The Wiki will be focusing on accurate lore. All headcanons and theories will be deleted. However, speculation based on evidence will still be allowed.


A PG-rated horror webcomic about a psychic girl named Yumi, an eerie living puppet named Paris, and the strange and often deadly monsters they face off against. Ghosts, ghouls, and... possessed teddy bears? Oh, my!

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The Dummy's Dummy chapter one cover by mochamura

The Dummy's Dummy chapter one cover by mochamura

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